Saturday, September 1, 2012

First steps

'Got my bags... gotta get off this plane. Ok, customs. Ugh what a long line. I hate waiting.... Yes! Finally through customs, now I gotta find the subwa-... wait, what? More lines? I thought I was all clear... Ok, now I'm free, right? Subway entrance... this way. I need Milson's Point, North Sydney... Take this train, switch trains at Central, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 stops. Got it, easy enough.'

I stepped onto that train with up a melting pot of feelings I don't think I could accurately explain. Fear, loathing, Las Vegas... just kidding. Fear, for venturing out into the world on my own. Loneliness, for the family I left thousands of miles away. Surprise, for I, with much help, was actually able to put this thing in motion. Wonder, for what the year ahead had in store for me. Overwhelming joy, for I had finally made it here. Excitement, anxiousness, hope, regret?... No, no regrets. My adrenaline was pumping and I was ready for this adventure to get started.

I spent the first week in Sydney at my Aunt and Uncle's place. Mike and Fee were very generous and hospitable hosts. Thanks guys, this whole thing would have been a lot more difficult without you!

I sat and watched big-chess on one my walks into down town Sydney.

The foliage here quite interesting to me.
A very strange 8 foot tall flower

The trees here have dreadlocks... 

I spotted one of my all time favorite cars. M power!
I had a great time exploring the city, and I look forward to returning there. But alas, the time to leave Sydney had come. So I said my goodbyes and went out on my way.

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