Sunday, November 4, 2012

I never knew Pelicans were so big...

I've made my way into Queensland, the hot, humid, and tropical north eastern state of Australia. The working and accommodation situation here is fairly similar to my last stay, in Belingen. On the 36 acre property that I'm staying on there's a large pole-barn, and fully renovated shed with a kitchen, which is where I'm staying, and the host's house, where the other 3 helpers stay. I get this entire building to myself, including a 60" TV :)

The garden...

We get two days off every weekend here, and I was lucky enough to arrive on a Thursday night, thus only having to work Friday, then getting two days off. That weekend Kath took all the helpers into Tin Can Bay for the day to see the dolphins and Rainbow Beach. The rangers that work at the bay saved a wounded dolphin years ago, and now he returns every day. Over time the dolphin, who is the alpha male of it's group, started bringing other dolphins into the bay with him.

It was here that I saw a Pelican for the first time in person. I never would have guessed they were as big as they are. Also plenty of other birds hanging around, the names of which I forget.

Every Friday Kath treats us to fish n' chips, and every Friday a family of possums (not opossums) waits outside the backdoor for the left over chips. They're pretty scared though, and I haven't been able to get a good picture.

This weekend we went to Eumundi to go to the Eumundi markets and to visit the Ginger Factory. Of course, I decided it wasn't a trip worth taking my camera on. The markets were more or less like any other open market, yet rather unique as well. Many of the stall operators and  market-goers were very hippie/alternative. There were stalls selling everything from handmade leather bracelets to paintings to hand carved marble statues to natural healing remedies. There were enough stalls offering massages that you could go to a different one for each part of your body. There was a group playing new-age psychedelic music with keyboards and didgeridoos. There was also an entire produce section, as well as a hot food section. There was even a few stalls that were, for all intents and purposes, an info-mercial in a market stall. One was selling a re-branded "Slap Chop", and another was selling some kind of magical miracle pillow. I bought some very fragrant goat's milk Orange Blossom soap. And the best part is that it cost me less than a bar of soap would in any store.
The Ginger Factory was pretty neat. It's like the Hershey's Chocolate World (or whatever that place is called) on not so big of a scale. It was really touristy, but I enjoyed taking a quick tour and learning about the history of the place, and how they process the ginger, etc.

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