Monday, December 17, 2012

See the vegetable man, in the vegetable van

With a horn that's honkin' like a mariachi band! -Beck

Well here I am in Cairns, working at the Nomad's hostel. I get three seven hour shifts a week driving a thirteen passenger van between the hostel, airport, and city center. In between routes I have a simple cleaning list to go through, like sweeping the lobby, washing dishes in the kitchen, etc. In return I get a two person room (currently to myself), breakfast, and dinner. I have ample amounts of free time and I'm having a bit of trouble finding ways to use it all. So far I've walked into the city everyday, which is about a 20 minute walk, and explored the shops and markets and such. Today I bought a cheap bike from a pawn shop so that I can explore a much larger area. It's got really squeaky breaks and shifts a bit rough, but it was only 50 bucks, and it works for me! Hopefully I'll be able to sell it back at the end of my stay here to recoup my loss.

Something I meant to add to the Bloomfield post: I tried a new fruit called a Soursop. Hands down the most delicious fruit I've ever eaten, and the texture was something entirely new to me. I also ate whats called a Miracle fruit. It's more like a berry, about the size of a thumbnail, with a reddish pinkish color. They call it miracle fruit because after eating one, everything you eat afterwards tastes like miracle fruit. The more miracle fruit you eat, the stronger the reminiscent flavor. This lasts for a good three or four hours, or more depending on how many you eat.

Sorry, no pics for this one!

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