Monday, April 15, 2013

Back to the starting line

I left Sydney 272 days ago to start my adventure, and now I'm back here to complete the final leg of the trip. But first, we'll finish up in Bali.

We had a couple gnarly rainstorms in our last week in Bali. They were actually pretty exciting; heavy torrents of rain, along with plenty of thunder and lightning.

But we also had plenty of beautiful and pleasant days. For example, the day we took a white water rafting tour. We took a thrilling two hour trip down the Telaga Waja river through stunning rainforest jungles. Surrounding us the whole way were banana, coconut, rambutan, jackfruit, and cocoa trees, along with plenty of rice terraces and tall cliffs. At one point I just happened to be looking up at the overhanging foliage from the cliff above and saw a decent size branch shaking back and forth. At first I thought a large bird must have just taken flight from that branch, until I saw a monkey swinging from the vines, just like in a movie.

The trip back to Aus was fairly hassle free: a six hour overnighter to Sydney and a quick train ride to my Aunt and Uncle's house. Since then I've re-re-acquainted myself with the city, and we've all gone mountain biking at the Manly Dam trail again. That was the third time doing that trail for me, and it was just as fun and muscle-burning as the first two times.

Door to our hotel room at Rumah Roda in Ubud

Mud wasp home in our wall

Cicadas like watermelon juice too...

3+ inch grasshopper on the tree right outside our window

Desert Rose

Tegan, Mike and Fee's wonderful, beautiful Staffie/Sharpe mix

Real-life Garfield, the neighbor's cat

North Sydney skyline from the park across the street

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