Monday, April 22, 2013

The Final Countdown

It's the final countdown! I'm leaving Australia exactly one month from today, on May 22nd. On that day, I will have been in Australia (and Bali) for exactly nine months. In that time, I've traveled approximately 4,600 kilometers, not counting air travel; I've met many amazing people, some of whom I will stay in contact with and hopefully see again in the future; I've experienced countless new species of plants and animals; I've seen a bird the color of the rainbow, a bird that sounds like a howling monkey, and a bird that could damn near swallow me whole; I've seen crocs, a shark, and the world's deadliest snakes and spiders; I held a koala and I held a python; I ate day-fresh crab from the coral sea, I ate kangaroo and crocodile, and I ate strange, delicious fruits picked fresh off the tree; I've snorkeled among the coral on opposite sides of the country; I've walked the beaches, surfed the waves, tasted the wine, soaked the sun, and felt the rain; I've browsed museums in the big cities, and I've smoked homegrown marij - uhh... tobacco with old school mountain hippies; I've slept under twenty two different roofs; And I've had a damn good nine months.

And now starts the countdown....

I will be very sad to leave, but I am also very eager to get back home and back to the real world. I'm itching to get wrenching on my Jeep and to put some seeds in the ground! There are a couple gingers that I miss very much and can't wait to see again, and I know there are plenty of people waiting to see me again.

Anyway, here's some cool night shots of the city that I took.

North Sydney skyline from the park across the street

And a before and after comparison

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